Who we are

Lucrypt stands for Lucidient's Data Security technologies which are exuberantly intelligent and concise technological solutions for the mobile, cloud and web platforms. We specialize in data forensics, biologically-inspired data security systems, data security threat assessment and solution handling.

Several years of R&D and hands-on experience in handling various data and its security has provided us a supremacy in handling robust data security and threat assessing capabilities. Technologies most useful for security, surveillance, intelligence gathering, policing, branding and political analysis.

Our Mission

  • To provide Cost Effective and the Best security services to the world wide clients
  • To secure data and information of the businesses, government organisations and critical infrastructures or entities
  • Drive the new InfoSec era through innovation and integration using state-of-the-art technologies
  • With our award winning and hall of fame listed expertise team, we provide the best data security solutions which are bespoke and tailor-made for customer needs. We make sure and assess current as well as futuristic technological requirements in securing our clients by future-proofing their data infrastructures.

Our Partners

  • Lucidient Limited
  • Visio Ingenii Limited
  • Lucidiate Limited
  • Visiolucid Pvt Limited

About Us

Our process

How we do it

First Step

Dynamic Threat Assessment

Second Step

Bug Fixing and Reporting

Third Step

Re-assessment and Future-proofing

Why choose us?

We are proud!

Our Dedicated team consists of:

  • Security Researchers
  • Code Auditors
  • Security technology Authors
  • VAPT/WAPT Experts
  • Bug Bounty Champions
  • Hall of Fame Ethical Hackers
  • Cyber Forensics and Crime investigators
  • Machine learning experts

Live Threat Assessment95%
Incidence Response 90%
Effective Bug Fixing100%