Cyber Crime Investigation

At Lucrypt, we assist ethical Cyber Crime Investigations for Policing, Law-enforcement and Government clients with our robust and expertise investigative capabilities using our proprietary tools and solutions. Our Cyber Crime Investigation team consists of Cyber Investigators, Forensic experts, ethical council endorsed professionals and versatile social engineering experts.

We have various bespoke proprietary tools to assist our clients, thus have become the international-go-to source when it comes to dealing with tasks that involves the internet, cyberspace, and technology and investigations including international jurisdictions.

Our expertise combined with Social Engineering Penetration testing skills has given us accurate investigation clearance rate of more than 95%. Due to our vast experience in cyberspace and data security combined with dedicated threat assessments and incidence response teams, we are able to solve a lot of internet frauds and criminal investigations at ease.

We are proud to be one of the few companies that understand the comprehensive know-how of legalities, cyber technology and dynamic nature of investigations involved in cyberspace. These skillsets have allowed to efficiently solve the investigative needs being compliant with ethical council and legal regulations.

At Lucrypt, we only take on clients that we believe we can legally support. Our expert strategists and ethical investigators perform robust initial investigations and layout the range of possible outcomes and tools as well as strategies involved in a case-to-case manner, thus enabling the client to decide the feasible mode of investigations and legalities involved thereof.


Service Features

CCI Features

Web traps & Internet Stings

Email Traces & Internet Forensics

Digital Forensics & Lawful Intelligence

WLAN-LAN monitoring

Social Engineering & Surveillance for intelligence gathering

Cyber space Subpoenas and versatile and bespoke technical capabilities

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