Open-Source Intelligence

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) report services are inherent essence of proprietary services offered at Lucrypt. We distinguish and differentiate in our services in providing OSINT reports by assessing two-way (both static and dynamic data) Open-source Intelligence reports which are continuous and gathered from dynamic and versatile open platforms on the Internet.

We work using agile methodologies in providing proactive Intelligence reports, so as to fetch the feedback and adjusting the key focus on the required information assessments.

Thus ensuring the relevance and in attaining continuously changing improved results of the Intelligence gathering exercises, thus keeping the data updated and current at all times.

Our team comprises of expert intelligence assessors and socially diverse background individuals who can give various perspectives in the gathered information in the OSINT reports. We are quite agile, mobile, covert, robust and quick in responding to our customer needs. We are proud to have catered to several Policing, law-enforcement and mission critical ethical clientele. We work on regulated and strict confidentiality and ethical service criteria. Please contact us for further information regarding our OSINT services for better understanding and bespoke confidential services.


OSINT Features

Cyber Threat Assessment

Business Intelligence

Efficiency Intelligence

Global and Regional Terrorist Activity Assessment

Social engineering fraud analysis and reporting

Graphical analytical representation for robust understanding and assessments

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