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At Lucrypt, we bring technical expertise and business know-how together in order to offer tailor-made, turnkey cyber security technologies that can help businesses to exuberantly improve cyber security, data and information protection as well as data infrastructure protection from external and internal threats.

Our key strengths are based on in-depth expertise and innovative approach towards understanding and assessing cyber threats. We have world-class award winning accolades in various data security and cyber domains with adept industry knowledge and capability.


Our expert team is capable of securing mobile phones and wearable gadgets such as smart watches, handheld cameras, mobile wireless routers and allied devices.

We assist in securing and future-proofing various data infrastructures from information vulnerabilities and threats. Our team helps secure standalone PCs, Small to Large networks, Physical as well as cloud based servers and critical data systems.

Our versatile team assesses and assists in securing web applications, websites, portals as well as online data transactions including payment portals, chat or VOIP web servers and many more.

Our Services

What we offer

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing or VAPT are the two important services offered by us, it involve scanning of the network, detecting its risks or vulnerabilities and thereby mitigating the same through various market standard procedures.

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Open Source

OSINT report services are inherent essence of proprietary services offered at Lucrypt. We distinguish and differentiate in our services in providing OSINT reports by assessing two-way both static and dynamic data which are continuous and gathered from dynamic and versatile open platforms on the Internet.

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Cyber Crime Investigations

At Lucrypt, we assist ethical Cyber Crime Investigations for Policing, Law-enforcement and Government clients with our robust and expertise investigative capabilities using our proprietary tools and solutions. Our Cyber Crime Investigation team consists of Cyber Investigators, Forensic experts, ethical council endorsed professionals and versatile social engineering experts.

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Security Of Everything

We at Lucrypt, offer comprehensive application risk management programs that allows us to implement the security and defence of every device at our client premises. We call it "Security of Everything", our services takes into account human factors involved in breach of security such as in the case of man-in-the-middle attacks against smart devices.

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We cater to dynamic cyber and data security requirements by providing bespoke solutions and services. Most of our clients have multiple platform compatibility requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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