Security of Everything

With the emergence of "Internet of Things" technology, which can range from interconnected hardware devices driven by software and internet, potential threats to such networks and devices have been identified as critical and prominent security issues around the globe.

EThe attack feasibility is alarmingly increasing, since millions of devices are interconnected and interdependent with the current and future technological advances. The more devices are working together, the security threats are becoming a daunting challenge for those organisations and individuals responsible to defend such architectures.

The need to test the software on such connected devices and the layers of connectivity is becoming more and more important. Our expert research team has been conducting research and development of bespoke tools and services that we can offer to our customers for stress-free security of all the devices be it indoor or outdoor.

Typical examples of devices which we are able to secure start with a simple vending machine, smart home appliances, smart TVs to the more sophisticated devices such as pace-makers, car management systems, robots and allied device networks.

Securing the underlying platform of Internet of Things require a variety of considerable skillsets and multi-discipline solution capabilities. Our team of experts are world renowned in showcasing their capability in defending the hardware based devices as well as a network of such smart devices.


We offer comprehensive application risk management programs that allows us to implement the security and defence of every device at our client premises. We call it "Security of Everything", our services takes into account human factors involved in breach of security such as in the case of man-in-the-middle attacks against smart devices.

Service Features

Vulnerability and penetration testing of software and hardware devices

Security architecture reviews

Code reviews and audits

Application risk management programs for the connected and unconnected devices in the same network;

Security of Everything, be it connected or interdependent devices and software infrastructures

Network Monitoring & Patch management

SOE Features

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