Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing or VAPT are the two important services offered by us, it involve scanning of the network, detecting its risks or vulnerabilities and thereby mitigating the same through various market standard procedures.

VAPT is an essential step in security because it safeguards an organization and ensures its information security and protects the data infrastructures from any external data attacks or hacking threats. At Lucrypt we combine automatic scanning along with manual expert scanning in order to maximize on the vulnerability assessed and to conduct the best possible penetration testing often missed due to automatic testing tools available in the market.

With Lucrypt, be rest assured that the company is well equipped to perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on any network and application be it on Standalone or Mobile platforms alike.

Some of the features offered include:

  • Grey Box Testing Approach will be used while testing the web application. This means that the testing will be carried out with no or very less knowledge of the testable environment
  • Initial phase of the testing will follow vulnerability assessments that will be followed by penetration tests which will ensure the maximum number of vulnerabilities uncovered
  • Web application tests will ensure uncovering flaws in
    • Data Entry and Exit Points
    • Data Validations
    • Data Sanitization & Insecure Coding
    • Vulnerabilities in Session Management
    • Vulnerabilities in Access Control
    • Third party installed scripts

  • White Box Testing Approach will be used while testing the mobile application. This means that the testing will be carried out with complete knowledge of the testable application
  • Application testing for Mobile will uncover flaws in-
    • Encryption/ Decryption of Sensitive Data
    • Multi User Support without interfering Data
    • Access to Files Saved by the App and its Enumeration Possibilities
    • Communications between the client and Server and MITM Possibilities
    • Areas which are susceptible of receiving malicious content

Features included


Video POC for exploiting all vulnerabilities found in the system to let the developer teams know how exactly the attack is being carried out

Database testing that will ensure no future leakage of data and will keep database consistent and vulnerability free thereby making it future-proof

On Demand SEPT (Social Engineering Penetration Test) that ensures security at the client's company by eliminating the Human side of Vulnerabilities. This test includes Company Visit, Social engineering Employees, Shoulder Surfing and Snooping, MITM attacks within Network, Bypassing the Security protections like RFID Door Locks, Bypassing the Security Cameras and other such mechanisms.

VAPT Features

24x7 Support by providing dedicated incident response teams

Standard OWASP format reports along with code audits, Step by Step Guides will be provided to patch the found vulnerabilities. Post Patch Re-Test that will ensure the found vulnerabilities are patched well

On Demand stress test with bandwidth up to 440 GBPS that will ensure the web application's strength against DDOS attacks

On-demand code reviews and step-by-step guides provided to patch the detected vulnerabilities

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